The Birds! The Birds!


The other day I was sitting in a parking lot. Something I don’t do often. But the sun was setting. The nearby dumpster was full. The birds were enjoying a feast. With my 18-25 wide angle lens attached, I captured this subtle beauty (at least to me). The thing about birds is that you really have to time your snap properly, and they can be difficult to frame. I like this. I feel like I got lucky. What do you think? Canon EOS REBEL T4i f/20 1/125 18mm ISO400

Don’t Miss The Trees


One of my favorite places on the planet just happens to be one of the most photographed places on the planet. Moraine Lake, in Banff National Park, is absolutely the million dollar view that every claims it to be. Blue waters. Colorful canoes. Majestic Canadian Rockies. And despite all of these beautiful sites my favorite happens to be one that we take for granted — TREES! Stretching high and mighty like they are worshipping the sun for as long as summer lasts, the lodgepole pine, native spruce, and the deep green fir make for one incredible sight. If you hike slightly off the trail around the lake you will bask in the beauty of the forest simply by looking upward — a place you don’t always look while hiking the trails. I snapped the above photo as a reminder of the evergreen beauty. Already missing summer at Moraine Lake… Canon EOS REBEL T4i f/8 1/100 10mm ISO 100